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COVID-19 Safety Info

Common Questions for Parents 


Will nursery be the same or similar to what it was like before COVID-19 at Little Explorers Nursery?


All nurseries have been given strict guidelines to adhere to as well as signing a pledge to adhere to the safety procedures outlined by the Ministry of Social Development. There will be no change in the quality of care provided at Little Explorers Nursery, we have always had high-standards and procedures on hygiene at our premise.  The only difference your child may feel is they will have more outdoor activities and some toys may be replaced with others we can sanitize regularly.  Our staff have attended safety courses through WHO on Covid-19 awareness.


I am nervous or worried to send my child back to nursery. What can I do to ease this concern?


We completely understand your concern, and this may be alarming to some, however we assure you that we will be adhering to all guidelines set for safety to protect not only your child, but our staff as well from infection.  If you have further concerns, you may approach our Nursery Manager for further clarification.  We must remember that we are all responsible to ensure safety precautions are followed from both home and within our school. Maintaining health is everyone’s duty.


What are the precautionary measures that nurseries must adhere to? 

Please see our Covid Safety Protocols for more details in addition to the below:


  • Staff and Students must have a temperature check upon arrival and recorded.  A child with a fever over 37.7 degrees Celsius will not be permitted to enter nursery and will be asked for a doctor’s note to return.

  • Staff and Students must use hand sanitizer upon arrival and practice regular handwashing throughout the day.  If unable to wash their hands, hand sanitizer may be used.

  • Staff, parents and any visitor must wear face masks.

  • Limit of visitor and parent entry inside premise unless absolutely necessary.

  • No shoes are allowed inside the premise.

  • No soft or porous toys are allowed in the nursery.

  • Adherence to guidelines for social distancing and maintaining space between children as much as possible. 

  • Assigning Teachers to a set group of children and limiting areas used to that group only.  Groups will be smaller.

  • Outdoor activities and lessons will be conducted as much as possible.

  • Scheduled disinfection of highly used surface, objects and toilets. 

  • Regular communication to parents electronically.

  • Contact tracking and reporting is mandatory for all staff on a daily basis.

  • Pledge of health signed by parents and staff which also notes any high-risk illness.


What should we do if a family member, resident of the house or my child has symptoms, tested positive or has been exposed to COVID-19 or has travelled abroad?


We have a “What should I do…” sheet that you may find all the detailed procedures for.  However, if your child or family member or any resident within the household has travelled, has COVID19 or is suspected of being infected with it, you must inform the nursery in order to protect our educational community and do not send your son / daughter to nursery.  The nearest health centre will then guide you on how to maintain safety for everyone within your household. 

Transparency from parents is absolutely necessary and it is why within the registration form it notes that kindness through honesty is key.  If a child has been exposed to someone covid+, we expect parents to inform us and the child is to stay home and out of nursery for 10 days from the date of exposure.  If the child has no symptoms and is tested negative for COVID19, then they may return back to nursery.  

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